1984 -
George Orwell

1984 Review

:Negative Utopia." 1984 is the story of a man during a time of a complete takeover of the "government". The man tries to find a way to go around big brother and make sense of his own mind. But can the man get around big brother and their ever watching eyes? Is there even a way to take down a system that has taken total control? Orwell has been praised to his sight into the future with this novel. Although I can see where people saw some of his futuristic thinking, I thought that the connections with today were more abstract than I thought they were going to be. That being said, the book was good. It was very slow to get into and honestly I had to force myself to keep picking it up. After about the first 100 pages it picked up quite a bit. But being that the book really isn't that long, it took a lot to get through it. Overall, it was an ok book.
Rating: 3 .5/5
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