Bellamy and the Brute -
Alicia Michaels

Bellamy and the Brute Review

Bellamy, a nerd and bookworm, is an outcast because her father sees ghosts. When summer break comes around, she decides to spend her break working to help her dad pay the bills. She starts babysitting for the Baldwin family, the biggest family in the small town. But they have their own secrets, including a son, Tate, who disappeared from high school and hasn't been seen from again. There are also the ghosts that start to attack Bellamy while she is in the house. Bellamy and Tate have to work together to figure out the mystery of the hauntings and their feelings for eachother.
I loved that it is a unique retelling of Beauty and the Beast. The writing wasn't the best. There are parts of the novel that were not important to the story and could have been left out or small details that were not needed. It made it feel more like a story that I would have read on Quizilla or something. But the story was captivating and kept my attention. And Like I said before, it was a very unique retelling that was fun to read.
Rating: 4/5
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