Dead to Me -
Mary McCoy

Dead to Me Review

Alice is just a normal girl living in 1940's Hollywood. As normal as a girl can be with parents who both work in show business and a sister who disappeared. But her "normal" world is turned upside down when when her sister suddenly reappears after 4 years. But her sister reappeared in a hospital after someone tried to kill her. Can Alice find out who tried to kill her sister, Annie? Or are there secrets in Hollywood that are too big for her to reveal?
This novel was a fantastic read. I loved the idea of seeing Hollywood in the 1940's. That being said, I wish there had been more details letting you see the 1940's flair. There were times that I almost forgot the time period of the novel because there would not be enough of the atmosphere built up. I did like the fact that the novel portrayed the darker side of Hollywood that you do not get to hear of enough. The characters seemed pretty well created and allowed for there to be real questioning over who had done the crime. Overall, I would definitely recommend the novel.
Rating:4 .75/5
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