Everything Everything -
Nicola Yoon

Everything Everything Review

Madeline lives in a bubble of a world. This is because she has had an immune deficiency her whole life and cannot leave the house without the risk of dying. But when Olly moves next door, she realizes there is no point in being alive if you don't live. So she risks her life for a chance at love and to live for the first time in her life. But then she finds out something that changes everything and her life will never be the same. This book was recently made into a movie and I can honestly say that although I prefer the book, the movie wasn't bad either. This is a book that is an emotional rollercoaster and the twists and turns are some that even I couldn't see coming. (Which is honestly a big deal.) The book reads more like a diary so if you reallly must appreciate that kind of perspective in order to really enjoy the book. Overall, I truely enjoyed this coming of age story and I think that it's a great read for everyone.
Rating: 5/5
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