Jurassic Park -
Michael Crichton

Jurassic Park Review

We have pretty much all heard of Jurassic Park, especially after the new realease of Jurassic World. But no movie ever truely compares to the books (at least in my opinion). Jurassic Park is about the rise and fall of a new idea for a theme park. Mr. Hammond creates a park where dinosaurs are brought back from extinction for children and adults alike to enjoy. But as stated in the book, these animals are not meant to live in our world. And to bring them back, it is imposible to forsee the future. Crichton has done a marvalous job creating a world that we would never see. This is the first novel from Michael Crichton that I had read, and I have to say that it was the novel that brought me to love Crichton's work. If you want an adventure, this is the novel to read. It is a novel that has catapulted itself to one of the top spots in my favorites list and is one that I cannot recommend enough.
Rating: 5/5
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