The Legend Trilogy - Marie Lu

The Legend Trilogy Review

The Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu is a great Y.A. trilogy that people of all ages can enjoy. These novels take place in futuristic, post war, United States where the Republic, a military lead part of the country, is trying to take over the Colonies. Day is a criminal running from the Republic and June, the youngest to ever be put on the force, is assigned to capture him after he is accused of killing her brother. But the Republic is not everything June has been taught that it is and, with the help of Day, she finds the truth and risks her life to save his. This trilogy really makes you think about the world as we know it and how the presence of a military governement could change everything, and not always for the better. We see a lot of social issues in these novels that we see in everyday life. This sheds light onto these issues and make a great way to talk about them. Marie Lu did an amazing job to paint a world of the Republic and the Colonies. A world of 2 great evils that show the evils of our own world. A true must read!
Rating: 5/5
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