Legendary -
Stephanie Garber

Legendary Review

During the last Caraval, Tella had to help trick her sister in order to save them both from their father and the marriage that he was forcing Scarlet into. At Caraval, it is important to remember that everything is just a game, but this Caraval seems different and very real. Tella is on a mission to save not only herself, but her mother as well. The mother that had left them 7 years ago and had never been heard from since. But can Tella keep so many secrets from her sister and win the game to save their mother? She will have to decide what is important to her and try not to visit Death again so soon.
After the fist novel, I was anxiously waiting for the second to be released. Honestly, it was well worth the wait! Stephanie Garber has a way of creating these amazing places and I cannot get enough. I loved that we got to see this novel from Donatella's point of view but we still get our favorite and not so favorite characters again. Definitely a must read!
Rating: 5/5
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