Swept Away (A Time Travel Romance) -
Kamery Solomon

Swept Away Review

Sam heads to Maine to spend time with her absent father after her mother passes away. She is skeptical her and her dad can reconnect after her left her mom and her to persue treasure hunting. But when Sam visits Oak Isle to see what had captured her father's attention for so many years, she can't help but get wrapped up in the mystery of Oak Isle herself. But when she finally thinks she has found some answers, she wakes up on a beach surrounded by pirates. So can Sam survive the pirates who take her captive and find a way home? Or will she forever be stuck in the past and never find the answers she truly desires?
This book was a pleasant surprise! I found the download of the book for free on Amazon and I didn't have super high hopes for it. But from the first few pages, I was hooked. I love that the author used a real mystery (Oak Island) to begin an adventure. She used actual theories that are presented in the mystery of Oak Island and used those theories to create a tale of mystery, romance, and adventure. I also really appreciate that she did not romanticize pirates. We all know that pirates were dirty, rough, and fearsome. She used this to really emerse you in the setting of the ship. She didn't shy away from writting about the diseases and problems faced in that day in age and I can really appreciate that. Honestly, the only problem I had with the novel was that it ended! It's a good thing there are 4 more in the series!
    Rating: 5/5
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