The Andromeda Strain - 
Michael Crichton

The Andromeda Strain Review

A capsule falls to earth in a little town in Arizona and suddenly everyone in that town dies. That is, everyone except an old man and a baby. A team of scientists work together to find out what kind of alien organism could have caused such strange deaths to all the people. And why the seemingly unconnected survivors were not affected. They have to act fast in order to prevent the agent from spreading to the rest of the world. Crichton has done another amazing job with this novel. Crichton's ability to see into the future and paint a vivid picture of the scientific world he saw coming is spectacular. This is not a novel that is all fun and games. If you plan on reading this novel, you must have an interest in learning, or at least reading a lot about, different scientific topics such as biolology, microbiology, and more. But the way Chrichton writes about these topics make them interesting and worth reading. Overall, not my absolute favorite Crichton novel, but still very good!
Rating: 4 .5/5
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