The House of the Scorpion -
Nancy Farmer

The House of the Scorpion Review

Matteo spent the first few years of his life growing up in a farmhouse in the middle of the poppyfields of Opium, a country between America and what was once Mexico. He was supposed to be a secret that was never to leave the little farmhouse. But, growing up almost alone, he couldn't help being trilled when some children find the little house. But that day would be the day that changed his life forever. It was the day Matteo found out that he was a clone. But not any clone, he was the clone of the ruler of Opium. Clones are seen as monsters, not real humans, and so Matteo is treated as such by everyone in his "family". Over the years, Matteo finds the love he deserves and finds himself along the way. The only thing left he need to find is a way to survive.
Ok so let me just say something real quick. This is supposed to be a Y.A. novel and I was actual supposed to read this in middle school. You may notice this is not in the Y.A. section of the reviews here. That is because when I was supposed to read this in middle school, I could not understand anything from this novel. There are so many themes that are brought up so well, but they are themes that I do not think a child or young teen can really grasp and understand to the fullest. So as far as I am concerned, this is going under an Adult Sci-fy novel. Having said that, after rereading this as an adult, I absolutely adored this novel. There were topics/themes that really got you to think deeply about your own feelings towards different things like cloning. It was very well written and kept me interested the whole time. The way that the novel is written worked really well as well. We get to see Matteo grow from a young child to a young man and his trials along the way. I would definitely recommend this novel!
Rating: 5/5
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