The River at Night -
Erica Ferencik

The River at Night Review

​A group of friends take a vacation together every year and this year is no different. As the 4 women head up to the dense woods of Northern Maine to go on a white water rafting adventure, Winnie can't help help but feel dreadful. Alone in the woods with just their guide, no cell phone service, and no people for 35 miles, they are on their own when things go south. So when their guide is killed in an accident, it's up to the women to find their way to salvation. If they are really alone in the woods. This is a novel about trying to survive in the worst of circumstances. We see how something as traumatic as being lost in the deep woods not only effects the women individually, but how it effects the bonds that the women had held since college.
​Rating: 4/5
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