The Taming of the Queen -
Philippa Gregory

The Taming of the Queen Review

Kateryn is the new wife of King Henry VIII. Recently widowed, Kateryn had known that she could not turn down a proposal from the king, even if she was in love with someone else. All she can do is hope she doesn't end up like the 5 wives before her. Although it is illegal for her to even think it, she can only hope that the king will die before she does something to give him a reason to be rid of her. But in his old age and with failing health, the king is even harder to please now than more then ever. Can Kateryn survive her Queenship and help the religious reform in England along the way?
This was a classic Philippa Gregory novel full of history and thrills. I have a soft spot in my heart for historical fiction so I honestly love Gregory's work. I will say however that this is not one of my favorites from her. Although imortant to Kateryn Parr's story, the religious debate and discussion heavily bogged down the reading. I would have enjoyed the the story a little more if there wasn't quite so much of that. The only other problem I had, which if you have read any other reviews from me you know it drives me crazy, was that it ended very suddenly. I feel like there definitely could have been a little more to the ending. To have a novel that is over 430 pages long conclude in the last few pages really doesn't give the reader the satisfaction that they crave. Seeing Kateryn struggle to stay alive, I wanted to see her ending more fully and to see her become the woman we had hoped her to become. Overall, it was a good read, but as I said before, not my favorite from Gregory.
Rating: 4/5
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