The Terminal Man -
Michael Crichton

The Terminal Man Review

The Terminal Man by Michael Cricton has become one of my new favorite books. And coming from a huge bookworm, that is saying something. Now I have read The Jurassic Park novels (these books made me fall in love with Crichton's work) and I can say that this man has a talent for writting about inummerable subjects. The Terminal Man is the story of a man who is having siezures that make him black out and put him in a violent state. The man is to undergo a procedure to have electrodes placed in his brain to try to control the brains activity and seizures but his psychologist is against this because he also suffers from psychosis. But his psychosis is very interesting: he belives that machines are going to take over the world. The story looks at how the decision that the doctors made to continue with the experiment, knowing full well the mans psychological condition, had an impact that they would have never imagined. It is a story that makes you take a step back and realize the impact of machines and how they are changing our world as we know it. And it also delves into the psychology and thought process of all of those involved. Overall, I cannot recommend this book enough. Crichton had an amazing way of researching and writing about topics that are facinating and complicated but making them easy and enjoyable to read.
Rating: 5/5
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